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We are always looking for the most ambitious and talented people to join our remote-first team!

Makkhawan Voraboot

CEO & Co-founder

Our organization has grown rapidly in 5 years, starting from a few qualified people, now Casper Stack we can grow to the next level without limitation. I always think these great people are partners at best for me We will continue to create great projects like this. Thank you to many big companies. You who work with us in the past several years

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Most people don’t understand how starting a new job actually affects their lives.

Casper Stack Technology Co, Ltd. is building the Chiang Mai -based design team and looking for the best people to join us. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear more.


To work on something that makes this world a better place.


To overcome challenges in order to unleash our full potential.


To take our lives into our own hands.

Here’s How We Do It *

Be Straightforward & Open-minded

We always speak up with honest and respectful thoughts, and engage in thoughtful disagreements where we are willing to shift our opinions as we learn.

Get More Done with Less

We value effectiveness and focus, and always prioritize things that have the biggest impact in order to make the best use of our resources.


We take full ownership, accountability and responsibility of our work and virtues, always aiming for mastery and excellence.

Surrender the Me for the We

We put the success of the team before our individual successes and always strive to contribute to a positive and uplifting environment, because behind every success is a team ready to make it happen.

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

We are passionately curious about the truth, and constantly strive to improve ourselves and our surroundings through a commitment to growth and lifelong learning.

Always Stay Gritty

Drive and motivation allow us to work hard with determination, patience and perseverance on our goals. Setbacks and mistakes cannot stop us; They only allow us to get stronger.