Job Openings


Engineering Department • CNX

Job Description

  • Responsible for Infrastructure both Local server and Cloud including Database 
  • Design And prepare Infrastructure for various projects 
  • Build Tools for Deployment and Automation 
  • Work With developers to test, debug, and deploy new products. 
  • At least 3 years of DevOps work experience
  • Experience in using CI/CD
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes/Container Orchestra
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, or GCS
  • Experience in using UNIX Command-line
  • Knowledge and understanding of network systems such as DNS, firewall
  • Knowledge and understanding of MongoDB working
  • Other Assigned. 

Job Specification 

  • Can Run on Unix or Linux 
  • Experience database such as MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgresQL,Firebase, Firestore, BigchainDB 
  • Can Use Cloud Platform such as Google Cloud 
  • Experience Docker, Kubernetes 
  • Ableto write Code and Script using Python, JavaScript, PHP, Go, Shell script 
  • Automation Management tool 
  • Encryption Technology such as OpenSSL 
  • Knowledge Network architecture such as DNS, TCP/IP, SNMP, QoS and NTP 
  • Knowledge scalability technology such as load balancing, CDN and message queue 
  • Good Understanding of the fundamentals of Software Engineering and Software Release Management. 
  • Can use Version control such as Git 
  • Experience With Agile development would be an advantage




Engineering Department

Employment Type


Minimum Experience

Manager Level, Senior Level, Mid Level


Up To 120,000 THB