Job Openings


Operations • CNX



JOB Description

 Execute the disbursement of expenses in the office.
 Contact for social security
 Procurement and disbursement
 Prepare income and expenditure accounts Store documents, evidence of finances and accounts.
 Accounting management of the Company (Accounts Payable, This Child Account, Asset Account, etc.)
 Controlling the accounting system to be efficient
 Prepare the accounting department report to the executives
 Check the tax report
 Check the work, bookkeeping, accounting records according to the types of documents and various certificates
 Review and verify the withholding tax filing / PND. 3 / PND. 53 for submission to the Revenue Department
 Reviewing the documents used in the submission VAT for submission to the Revenue Department
 Internal inspection of the office record what was detected inspection report
 Check the preparation of property depreciation and details of various expenses to match the recorded accounts
 Closing account statements, taking care of the entire accounting system

JOB Specification

 Able to manage the entire accounting system of the company
 Flexible working
 Able to travel with executives
 Have a flair for accounting work
 Responsibility, enthusiasm, diligent, honest
 Have good human relations with colleagues
 Proficient in using Excel and the Internet.
 Able to work as a team





Employment Type


Minimum Experience

Mid Level, Senior Level